Commerical Gym Bikes

BKG commercial exercise bikes are a world beating addition to any business because they are built to last and are set to dominate the fitness market across the board. Avid racers, trainers and fitness buffs are already finding that BKG's exercise bikes give them that added advantage that every sports person craves, because users can work out on equipment that never fails to deliver.

Constructed from the sturdiest, most durable components on the market -- based around commercial grade structural steel -- they guarantee quality. BKG's clients find a greater number of resistance levels on this superb range of exercise bikes while enjoying unbeatable comfort. All bikes come equipped with adjustable seats, traction control pedals and adjustable handlebars.

Detailed below are just some of the exceptional gym bikes BKG has available to make your business even more successful. Please contact us for more information and for replies to any enquiries you may have. We are here to help.